How We Cum Together

Do you want to call We Cum Together  right now? Here is what you do!There are two ways you can call We Cum Together; simply pick up the phone and dial that lucky young lady’s phone number and then enter her unique extension number. The Number is 1-888-PHONE-PAL(446-6372)

The second way is, if you choose to browse the Adult phone Pall Website you may want to click the call button of the We Cum Together girl of your choice. If you choose to use the call now button you will need to register at Adult Phone Pal.

If you have to register that means you are new and will get seven dollars worth of talk time to test that great phonesex for free! It does not cost anything to register and your information is stored securely and encrypted. For further security, you will be asked to create a pin number that only you know to use when you make calls.When you are logged in, if you want your phonesex girl to call you, you need to add your phone number. You can do this easily by going to your Account > Settings > Verify /Manage my Telephone Numbers. Once that is done, dumping your load is just a click away.

Call:888 Phone Pal(746-6372)


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